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The Royals Spring Collection 2017

the perfect dinner service for your Royal pet

Fashion Red

Chic shoes? Anyone can wear them, but how many pets can nibble their way into the chic look?


Understated, but never overdone, this New York-style tan and black brings class to any pet's dining.

Puuurrrrffffect Purple

Feline fitting and pooch proper, this color brings out the class in these special species.

Aqua Eyes

It's time to roll over and take a sip of cool, cool water from this soothing saucer.

Hot Pink

You know your pet is a standout, now show it to all of their pet friends, and yours.

Yabozi Royals are sized just right for any self -respecting dog, cat or other style-conscious pet.

Yabozi Royals are for the trend setting pet (and their owner) that wants style, function and of course good taste. Here's what you get fresh out of the Yabozi box:

-The one and only pet bowl that doubles as an immediate fashion statement

-A range of colors suited to please any decor

-Generous five ounce serving size

-Two piece design for easy assembly, cleaning and storage


If you want to spice up mealtimes and make your pet's feeding area one that gets barks and meows of envy from all who see, then the Yabozi Royals are your only choice for a new pet food service.

At Yabozi Products, we think around, over and through the everyday pet user's experience to come up with solutions that are fun and functional. Because if Marge is happy, we're happy. Yabozi - Simple, because life should be fun.

Yabozi Easy Reach Feeder

There's no reason to stoop to conquer feeding time.

The Yabozi Easy was designed to make feeding pets more functional and graceful. Here's how:

-Unique "stand-to-fill" allows dry food or water to be filled without bending down to floor level

-Appealing "swan" type shape allows food and water to travel through the Yabozi neck and handle with ease.

-Snap together/apart design makes cleaning, well...a snap!

-Easy-to-carry, counterbalanced handle
-Fun for all ages, with or without back problems

-Easy to clean under, just lift from the top and vacuum

-Easy to fill even when reaching over a baby-gated area

Your customers will be pleased by the innovation of this problem-solving pet meal accessory. It's unique, it's convenient and it's certain to increase pet owner's enjoyment (and pet's too).

Yabozi Easy's "Swan-Like" shape revealed from the top down.

The back-saving, top feeding design satisfies hungry pets quickly and comfortably.

The Yabozi Easy handles liquid, plus small and large pet feed kibble sizes.

The Sport for Dogs On the Go

Our upcoming Yabozi Sport will make caring for bigger dogs easier

The larger and more active a pet is, the more the pet owner will appreciate the Yabozi Sport's style, ease and practicality.

Some unique features not found in larger format pet feeding bowls include:

-Our non-skid "cleat" design that keeps bowls from skidding across the floor, no matter how outrageous dinner time gets

-Removable, washable stainless steel bowl that doubles as a convenient dry food scoop

-The ability to personalize the "tongue" of the shoe with corporate and sports logos (ask about our specialty finishing program)

-A full range of contrasting colors for the base and upper part of the "shoe"

Rugged, versatile and packed with pet poise, the Yabozi Sport does double duty as both a feeding bowl and removable scoop. Easy to clean and fun for the outdoor and indoor pet alike.

YOUR LOGO HERE! The Yabozi Sport can be "logoized" on the combination bowl/scoop handle area.

Big enough for the heartiest pet appetite, yet a compact design that keeps excited eating spills to a minimum and looks like a winner in any dinner location.

Great design and great construction, with durable food-grade plastic "uppers" and "soles" mean many years of use, easy clean up and "stay put on the floor" pet convenience.

The Yabozi Sport comes in a variety of "shoe upper" colors, and we are open to other customizations for large orders and even other uses entirely.

The Yabozi Features

Let your personality show through your pet-Yabozi Royals

Fun &


Tastes Good, Looks Good

Life should be fun - for you and your pets. With Yabozi pet feeding bowls, mealtime ceases to be a chore and becomes an adventure in good taste, really!

Sizes &


Two Royal Sizes

Whether your pet is large or small, they can still enjoy the Yabozi Royal eating experience. Small pets will enjoy our 5 ounce size, and larger pets can eat comfortably out of our 32 ounce size. All colors available in both capacities, by the way.



Pet Secure

Yabozi feeding bowls are made from high quality, contaminate-free food grade plastics that are BPA-free and guaranteed not to bleed, emit vapors or loose colors over time.




Good looks aren't worth much if your pet's bowl goes a sliding across the floor. Our non-skid neoprene bottom anchors assure that the bowl will learn to "stay" a whole lot better than most pets will.

Easy To


Compact Packaging

Yabozi Pets makes point of purchase display a plus with the option to hang for minimal shelf space, many colors and low space stocking/storage.

Our Story

A caring company that's all about function and fun, of course, finesse

Yabozi Products is a pet-focused company that's all about:





Yabozi offers creative, high-end pet products and accessories to help you enjoy your pet and life. Functional to stylish individuality, quality and durability. Life's fun, so you and your pet should have a grand time.

At Yabozi Products, we think around, over and through the everyday pet user's experience to come up with solutions that are fun and functional. Because if Marge is happy, we're happy. Yabozi - Simple, because life should be fun.

    How Much Fun is Yabozi?

    A survey of lots of pets (not their owners) showed Yabozi makes meals better.

  • Improves Pet Image 90%
  • Makes Food Taste Better 75%
  • Teaches Old Pet owners new tricks 68%
  • Lots More Purring and Tail wagging 95%

A Part Of You

Yabozi's unique pet feeding bowls bring
out your pet's personality, and yours!

More Than Good Looks

Yabozi combines style with quality,
convenience and ease through our
advanced pet accessories.

Unique and then...

Novel, original, rare-just a few words
for Yabozi making your pet's life
more fun, functional and flashy.

Our Royal Calling

Great for holding the prince or
princess' favorite royal treats.

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